Sunday, November 7, 2010

Runkeeper to Dailymile

I started running in January this year. As, I have been always fond of numbers, I wanted to keep track of all my runs. That's when I chose runkeeper for same. They had a no nonsense GPS based iphone application which I could use to track my run. It could automatically upload my runs to their website Runkeeper website also gives some very nice charts and reports which made running more interesting to me.

Then in July, convinced by a friend, I started dual entry of my runs by entering my activities in along with They didn't have a GPS based iphone app. They didn't have charting as good as runkeeper but where they scored over was socialIf you find any problem, please let me know. I will glad to help.  Please feel free to mail me at networking. And that matters a lot in running. We run more when we are in group. We run faster when are in group. Yes, motivating each other is best part of any running community. And enables that through their social networking.

Lately, it was getting difficult for me to use runkeeper application on iphone as iphone battery didn't last more than two hours with GPS enabled. Also, Iphone GPS may be good for basic use but it was not accurate enough. I could often see corners getting cut. Iphone GPS is quite unreliable at times. And lately have been seeing runkeeper crashing regularly. Thats when i decided to invest in Garmin forerunner 305. Although runkeeper and dailymile both had interface to upload activities from Garmin forerunner, I didn't want to continue to making dual entry. I still liked but had no real motivation left for using

So, finally decided to use, I exported all my data from to csv file and then imported to Thanks to for providing APIs to do this easily. Please read here to find more on how to do this.

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  1. Hi -

    I am not a programmer... I think I'll be able to plow my way through the python to do the import and I already have the .csv. But cannot seem to figure out how to get my 0auth token.

    Any tips? I am looking at the dailymile doc for this right now. Just cannot seem to make it work.
    I am using "" as my callback url.

    Thank You,

    - Mike